An image seems still to be prevailing of autistics as golems, an an unfinished, incomplete non-autistic, who only through fancy therapies and a lot of efforts can halfway be mended to become a real human being, whereas humankind is considered to be the roughly average character of non-autistics. Through the nonautistic kind the world shall recover, sotosay – so what´s new?

Maybe Andersens „Ugly Duckling“ as well would have been under therapie and surgery, to at least become a more or less right duckling. If the other ducks wouldn´t have been just disconcerted and searching for their groupidentity – but as well had wanted to help the duckling with a seemingly human attempt to find happiness – like it is done these days amongst humankind with involuntary minorities.

Very lucky indeed the duckling has been, that in its time the duckkind didn´t reach where humankind is today in a wide range. Because only a relatively undisturbed and not through training brainwashed swan is in the position to discover sometime where he belongs, where he fits.