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There are a lot of characteristics which are imputated to autistics, which under closer examination not only reveal to be highly questionable but as well that, funny as it seems, fit in comparison rather to average non-autistics than to autistics. This may appear absurd indeed to a lot of people, but under closer examination the coerciveness is often remarkable.

Imputations and reality

  1. Autistics have an underdeveloped social-competenceOne of the crucial points in the pathologizing of autistics allegedly is a lesser social competence. The question arises, what exactly is to be understood by social competence. Is it all about mastering a language? It doesn´t seem as if todays non-autistics rank, owing to a barbarian-understanding (barbarian = someone who doesn´t speaks the own language and who therefore isn´t understood but just „bar bar bar“) other non-autistics in this category. That wouldn´t sit well with a „globalized“ world of speedy transporting and communication. The contact is too easy to uphold such a social marginalization. And even considerable cultural distinctions are respected nowadays, at least those areas with a socially widespread material prosperity.

    To get in contact with members of other cultures is easily possible these days, whereas its´s quite different with autistics, allthough such possibilities are available in some parts of the internet. This possibilities are largely unknown, which as a fact limits their accessibility considerably. If autistics in common internetfora reveal themselves and doesn´t seem to fit the usual clichès a lot of users are uncertain, which often leads to an exclusion of the autistic. The reproaches are often amazing, the user alleged to be a fake and his/her reports would even discriminate disadvantaged people or make fun of them. The „gravity of the situation“ aren´t compied. And actually – how is the common member of a forum to know who takes part in a forum. As a fact this leads unluckily to a cruel exclusion of autistics, so far as they reveal themselves for what they are in their usage of the forum. This as well restricts the accessibility, the presence of autistics in the internetcommunity as a means for autistics to be a barrier-free stage of communication.

    Systematically isn´t detectable that „social competence“ should be applied to cultural habits. Regionally defined cultures sometimes show a lower part which can´t be ascribed to socially learned predisposition. With subcultures, cultures, whose members still have to find each other in a regional community, it may appear different, especially if characterlikenings are touched (f.e. gothics). Deaf Pride and Autistic Pride can be classified here as well. According to wellknown mechanisms of generation gap the communical appraisal processes dynamically and most of the time isn´t declared objectively.

    As long as autistics lead a life under halfway suitable conditions they are highly social-competent amongst each other. Teamwork (after a familiarization, like as well NA pass through – because as a majority they find each other more easily, generally they familiarize in childhood) works out more easily in fact than amongst common NA, who owing to their nature allways as well develop a social behavior as a pack, which disturbes teamwork on a stark plane considerably and results in economic wastage that counts milliones each year. In general, ideas and correctness imply a lot more to many autistics than to common NA, who mostly rather think about drawing a personal advantage out of everything, no matter if it endamages the collective or not. That leads to the amazing fact, that autistics amongst themselves obviously cooperate a lot more effective than NA seems to be able to be and as well show a higher developed social competence.

  2. Autistics are doomed to feel permanently forlorn or Autistics are to commiserate with because they rarely feel somethingA lot of autistics are terribly forlorn and lonely. Therefore some even wish to be dead. But under closer scrutiny this problem becomes obvious to be socially evoked. Autistics as a minority are rather distributed and are marveled at, but suffer under a lot of ugly clichès. Autistics aren´t computers, if maybe to outsiders we appear to be due to a different body-language or owing to barriers don´t seem to react.

    Autistics do have deep feelings, as well deep collective feelings. But the realm of feelings of autistics actually seems to be quite differently structured from average non-autistics. Autistics don´t consider this to be a disadvantage but, quite the reverse, regard it as a paramount blessing. The realm of feelings of autistics is a perfect solution, complete in itself. Contrariwise we know, that a lot of non-autistics feel lonely despite many „friends“ and especially owing to their nature are longing for openheartedness, but have difficulties to put it into practice, because their social behavior as a pack effects them strongly as well and overrules the „noble“ mental and spiritual needs. A lot of religions seem to be downright determined for non-autistics to become more autistic, whereas wellknown religious personalities may have been autistics themselves, who just couldn´t wrap their heads around how most of the people live their life. So f.e. it´s written of Moses to have been „lumbering of mouth and lumbering of tongue“.

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